Chiara Ferronato

experienced aromatherapist, swedish masseur and reiki healer

member of the complementary therapist association

Non-Medical Nutritional advice

In today's life we wake up in the morning, (already tired because we didn't't rest properly or not enough), we jump breakfast to rush to work, surviving the tube to dive into the office jungle, where lunch hour is most likely to be cigarette - I get a plastified sandwich and crisps- gargle a coffee - gossip with colleague - back at the desk to jump back in the tube, read the paper (bad) news, arrive at home exhausted and grumpy to watch TV and swallow a dodgy curry take-away. Sounds like you've done it before?

How about you take TIME FOR YOURSELF and start from what you eat? A natural and balanced diet , together with little exercise, will help improve your health and give a good boost to your energy, helping you loosing those few kilos in excess and giving you back self-confidence, enough to feel YOU again!

The first session will be entirely on the consultation and the discussion of the client present situation, in order to collect as many informations as possible on the case. The client is asked to fill in a questionnaire that will help me to record many details. I do not believe in very drastic diets, my first concern is the health of my client, so I will do all is possible to make you feel comfortable with yourself, and I'll do my best to explain you anything you need to know about a NATURAL and BALANCED diet. It is not necessary to suffer when dieting, actually, I believe is rather the contrary, as I love food, GOOD FOOD myself, I'm sure that anyone (where obvious medical condition are not present, but in that case I'm not the right person to help you and I'll refer you to a GP or specialist), is able to live in a balanced way, feeling comfortable and happy. I will do a detailed diet plan, which will be customized to your requirements, including allergies, intolerances and things you like and do not like to eat or drink. I usually suggest to take vitamins and supplements where necessary, and everything will be anyway discussed in the second session, where I shall give you the first four weeks diet plan. I will make sure we stay in touch; if anything concerns you or you think something is not ok, I'll be there to discuss it and to offer my expertise. A feedback is asked after the first week of dieting, and the plan get to be discussed and revised where necessary. How about the length of the diet? The word "Diet" is just about the way you eat every day, the meaning has little to do with the one we give which is actually more drastic. Well, as I'm not going to completely put your habits upside-down, I hope that it will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, so that will be YOU saying that you made the right choice and feel good about that. So the perfect diet is forever.

First session including CONSULTATION and QUESTIONNAIRE, 1 hour, £40. Follow-ups (diet plan revision and correction) £20. It is suggested to revise the diet every week for the first month, then at the therapist discretion.