Chiara Ferronato

experienced aromatherapist, swedish masseur and reiki healer

member of the complementary therapist association

Reiki and Crystal Therapy


Reiki is a perfect, powerful and completely natural system of holistic healing. It is neither faith healing or psychic healing, but is a channelled flow of universal energy through the hands of the practitioner to the object of the healing. The method came to the Western world from Japan (where dc. Mikao Usui re-discover it), in about 1945, but its origin are to be found in Tibet, and are very ancient.

The word REIKI means "Universal life force" and the results can be truly amazing; it can:

  • Increase energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Speed up injuries healing process
  • Help addictions and emotional problems
  • Expand you spiritually

Through the gentle laying on of hands, Reiki, working on all levels, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, goes straight to the point of imbalance.

Clients remain fully-clothed and may be seated or lying down. They can feel a gentle warmth and sense of well-being during the treatment, and often feel relaxed or energised and more balanced afterwards.

When it is impossible for the practitioner to be physically present with the client, absent healing can be administered.

Crystal healing

Crystals have been used since ancient times in meditation and healing. Illness often originates from disturbances in the energy bodies and crystals are natural transmitters, receivers and repositories of energy. In crystal healing, the causes of these energy disturbances are determined using intuitive methods and the appropriate crystal employed to aid recovery and return a sense of well-being.

Crystal healing can:

  • Clear, energise and balance the chakra system
  • Reduce emotional stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help detoxification
  • Reduce physical discomfort like muscular pain/backache
  • ...much more.