Chiara Ferronato

experienced aromatherapist, swedish masseur and reiki healer

member of the complementary therapist association

Swedish Massage

The word "massage" derives from the Arabic "mass" meaning to press softly. To hold or rub an injured part is an instinctive reaction to the pain involved. So it is recorded from the 3rd century BC that massage reduces fat, strengthens muscles and firms the skin. It is only in the early 19th century that Heinreich Ling develops the modern concept of Swedish Massage, a very relaxing and gentle treatment, especially effective in stress-related conditions, whilst nourishing the skin and toning up muscles.

The client is asked to undress (only underwear left on, if required the therapist can provide disposable ones), than is asked to lay down in supine position on the bed couch, where modesty is respected with the use of big towels. All the details are anyway explained during the consultation, also regarding personal issues, parts of the body that the client doesn't want to be massaged (abdomen, head, etc). It is always recommended that all the details be discussed before any treatment in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments. The treatment than starts with the eye make-up and make up removal where necessary, than face cleansing followed by toner application and than massage of the face and head with a base oil (e.g. sweet almond), or with other richer or less rich oils where required by the type of skin (at therapist discretion). The treatment of the face is than followed by the massage of the legs, starting from the bottom up to the thighs, than the abdomen is massaged, followed by the arms and than the client is asked to turn on his/her back. The legs are massaged and the treatment ends with the back. All throughout the massage the use of warm oil assures an effective relaxation and at the same time moisturizes the skin, that becomes supple and firm. As your therapist, I'll make sure you feel taken care of and nurtured; my aim is to make you feel relaxed and to make sure that the time you invest in the treatment is just dedicated to yourself.